Parabol Table.

The parabol table was first fabricated as part of a university project. Made up of 39 equal-sized pinewood slats with a central dowel running through the middle, the slats were offset against each other, creating a clean, symmetrical parabolic curve at one end of the table base. Viewed from the other end, you could see the inverse of the same curve.

A couple of decades past and with the improvement of materials a more refined version of the parabol table was built. Partnering with a design-led manufacturer the base shape is constructed by heating the Corian®, pressing it in a two-part mould and finally polishing & finishing by hand. The glass table top rests on the base as if floating.

The form is simple with just one curve that inverses and rolls through, twisting into another curve. As you move round the table, the curve is constantly changing, with its reflected opposite always visible.

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